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With PopWin you can sell your traffic through different ways and earn very high revenues based on your traffic quality.

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General Features PopWin is an CPM Advertising Network. With PopWin, you can monetize your entire inventory while costantly improving your revenue. Stop worrying about your fill rate, your eCPM or the long payment delays. We're paying weekly, our fill rate is above 90% and with a good quality traffic your revenue will grow better than with any Advertising Network
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Payments Fastest way to get your money
PopWin works with PayPal as payment processor, every publisher that has reached the minimum withdraw amount of $20 USD can withdraw their money anytime. Withdrawals will be processed each friday for the current week requests made by that day.

Ad Types Pop-under Ad Type
A Pop-under is a hidden window or hidden tab that does not disturb your visitors experience, your visitor will see that window only when he close his browser or the current tab.

Mobile redirect
Using this ad type every visitor that comes from a mobile to see your website will be automatically redirected to a campaign landing page.

1 Placement setup
Sell your pop-under or mobile redirect traffic from all around the world.
2 Traffic optimization
PopWin will optimize your traffic and find the most suitable campaign.
3 Get your profit
Get your profit maximized based on your traffic performance and quality.
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