PopWin API

What can PopWin API do for you?

Our Api will allow you to connect to our platform. We have developed our API for AD Servers that want to connect to us. This API will simplify Ad Exchange between us and you.

Simple Use
Our technology has been made so simple, that you will easily can incorporate it with yours (more details at How to use PopWin Api).
Our Tech team can install our API for you, just contact us for more details.

API Features

We have developed these features based on the feedback received, so we offer you the best services.

Ad Exchange
We can handle millions of requests per day, and you will always get your ad fast. Our Ad Network will always offer you the highest bid possible from our inventory.
You can request Ads based on different criteria:

  • Country Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Category Targeting
  • Minimum Bid request *
* The higher is your bid, the lower is the number of chances to get Ads based on your Targeting option.

Campaign statistics
You can fetch non stop stats based on your created ads. The stats are given via Json, and they contain:

Statistics by day

  • Day
  • Impressions
  • Revenue
  • eCPM

Statistics by Country
  • Country
  • Impressions
  • Revenue
  • eCPM

Campaign accessibility
Our API will allow you to automatically create campaigns on request. You can send different requests like:

  • Create campaign
  • Hold campaign
  • Add more funds
  • Delete campaign
To this feature, your account must have enough funds in order to create a campaign. Any Deleted campaign will return the remaining funds into your account.